About Me

I repair hardware and software issues on all types of computers, laptops, tablets, iPads etc.

If you have a problem, please contact me by phone or email or click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen to send me a facebook message.


  • Be prepared to give me your contact details (you wont believe how many people don't know their phone number)
  • Be prepared to give me your computer login password
  • At times I may need your email password but not always.


Charges depend on each individual situation. I can usually only quote when I have seen the problem. Generally I charge €10 per hour for repairs.  Call outs are €15 plus €10 for the first hour.

These charges are not including any hardware replacements that need to be purchased. If your computer needs a new component I will contact you to discuss the price and get your approval to proceed.

VIPRE Advanced Security

VIPRE Advanced Security is high-performance security software that doesn’t slow your computer down like older, traditional antivirus products that have been around for years. VIPRE combines antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit and other security technologies into a seamless, tightly-integrated security solution. VIPRE delivers comprehensive protection against today’s highly complex spyware, viruses, and blended malware threats.

I have been using Free and Paid AVG antivirus for most of the last decade and found it to be great but the last few releases from v7 onwards have become more and more obtrusive, like Norton and Mcafee and this tends to slow your PC and interupt you when you need it least.

I installed the trial of Vipre in October 09 on my main development machine and was so happy with it that I bought a license for all our machines in the house and office.  It just works! And it doesn't get in your way.  Its also very inexpensive.

Click here to Get it Now!