• CCTV Warning Sign

The sign is a flexible PVC A4 sign perfect for outside / exterior.

It can be glued or drilled to fit easily.

Statutory Information About CCTV Signs

In order to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, a sign or signs must be mounted adjacent to the entry to CCTV surveillance areas. In the case of external area surveillance signs should be fixed to the perimeter on the approaches to and at a strategic position/s, such as the main entry and or back entry to a property. These signs must state that CCTV recording is taking place, the purposes of the scheme and contact details of the Data Controller. 

For example: 

  • The company or person/owner recording: Mr John Smith
  • The reason for the recording: CCTV images are being recorded for crime prevention and safety.
  • A contact number: 91 283 54788

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CCTV Warning Sign

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